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A sample python-based implementation of system adapter.

The actions below will allow you to run a target benchmark locally and you may debug your system fully the same way, as it is executed in the online platform. You may test/debug your system without running benchmark if find the procedure too complicated.

The standard dockerfile-based image building procedure will be required to upload a python system into the online platform.

Local debugging under a target benchmark

  1. Clone the target sdk-based benchmark repository (e.g. DEBS-GC-2018) as well as this one. The benchmark should be runnable locally (contain SDK-based tests).
  2. Make sure that checkHealth() from the target benchmark (DEBS-GC-2018) executes without errors (see instructions in Readme).
  3. Comment the submission of java-based sample system (line .systemAdapter(systemAdapter) in and make sure, that check_health() test is not finishing anymore (hangs up after taskGenetator ready signal or something like that. This means that SDK is waiting for a System Adapter, which you excluded from the execution by commenting the line.
  4. Package the java code of the benchmark to make it executable as jar (mvn package -DskipTests=true).
  5. Open python the and modify the path to jar file you have just packages. You may also modify the name of the future docker image of your system.
  6. Run the from your IDE (running under sudo probably might be requred) and you may debug it.