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Home Assistant Brands

This repository holds the icons and logos for all the brands Home Assistant supports.

This repository is used to generate a static website, serving these images for use in our Home Assistant projects. The goal is to have a centralized repository of brand images.

Inner workings

This repository provides two main folders to store images in:

  • core_integrations: Contains images for integrations bundled with the Home Assistant Core.
  • custom_integrations: Contains images for custom integrations (custom components).

Each of these two main folders contain domain folders. Each domain folder is named to the integration domain and must match the domain set in the integration manifest.json file.

A domain folder can contain four files:

  • icon.png: A square avatar-like icon, representing the brand or product for that domain.
  • logo.png: The logo of the brand or product for that domain.
  • icon@2x.png: hDPI version of icon.png
  • logo@2x.png: hDPI version of logo.png

Those images are served in the following format:


Missing image handling

The website can service images with and without a fallback to a placeholder image.

Without placeholder fallback

This method uses the plain URLs, WITHOUT the /_/ in the URL path. A missing image will result in a 404 being served.

For example: <[domain]/icon.png>

  • If a domain is missing the icon.png file, 404 will be served
  • If a domain is missing the logo.png file, the icon.png is served instead (if available).
  • If a domain is missing the icon@2x.png file, the icon.png is served instead (if available).
  • If a domain is missing the logo@2x.png file, the logo.png is served instead (if available).
  • If a image optimised for dark themes (image is prefixed with 'dark_') is missing, it's non-prefixed match will be served instead (if available).

With placeholder fallback

This method uses the plain URLs, WITH the /_/ in the URL path. A missing image will result in placeholder image being served telling the logo/icon is missing. This also applies to domains, in case the integration domain is missing.

For example: <[domain]/icon.png>


All icons are cached on the client-side browser end for 900 seconds, and cached by Cloudflare for 604800 seconds.

Placeholder images are excepted from this. Placeholder images have a 900 seconds cache on the client-side and are cached for 1 hour on Cloudflare. This allows us to replace placeholder images within an acceptable time frame without losing our cache.

Image additions and changes may take time to take effect due to caching. The cache is fully flushed in each major version of Home Assistant Core.

Image specification

All images must have the following requirements:

  • The filetype of all images must be PNG.
  • They should be properly compressed and optimized (lossless is preferred) for use on the web.
  • Interlaced is preferred (also known as progressive).
  • Images with transparency is preferred.
  • If multiple images are available, the ones optimized for a white background are preferred.
    • Images optimized for a dark background can be prefixed with dark_
  • The image should be trimmed, so it contains the minimum amount of empty space on the edges. This includes things like white/black/any color borders or transparent spacing around the actual subject in the image.
  • Custom integrations must not use Home Assistant branded images, as this might confuse the end-user into thinking that the integration is an internal/official integration.

Icon image requirements

Additional to the general image requirements listed above, for the icon image, the following requirements are applied as well:

  • Aspect ratio needs to be 1:1 (square).
  • Icon size must be 256x256 pixels, for the hDPI this is 512x512 pixels.
  • The maximum icon pixel size is, of course, preferred.

Logo image requirements

Additional to the general image requirements listed, for the logo image, the following requirements are applied as well:

  • A landscape image is preferred.
  • Aspect ratio should respect the logo of the brand.
  • The shortest side of the image must be at least 128 pixels, 256 pixels for the hDPI version.
  • The shortest side of the image must be no bigger than 256 pixels, 512 pixels for the hDPI version.
  • The maximum pixel size for the shortest side of the images is, of course, preferred.

Using the same image for logo & icon

If the brand uses the same image for the logo and icon (e.g., if the logo has a square aspect ratio), only add the icon images. The icon will be used as a fallback for the logo.

Using the same logo & icon for different brands

To keep the size of this repository as efficient as possible, symlinking domain folders for the same icon/logos is allowed for core integrations. The deployment process at our hosting provider will unpack these symlinks to actual files during the deployment process.

Please note, symlinks should only be created between integration domain directories. The _placeholder & _homeassistant directories are special cases and new directories with an underscore (_) should not be created.

Symlinks are currently not allowed in the custom integrations folder.

The names of directories must always match the integration domain. Additional directories are not allowed.

Integration domain conflict between custom and core integrations

It is possible for a custom integration and a core integration to collide on a domain name level. In these cases, the core integration domain get preference.

Tips, Tools & Resources

When adding a new set of icons and logos, the following resources can help you finding the needed images and getting them to match our specifications:

A lot of brands (especially the larger ones) often offer a press kit on their (corporate) website, that contains high quality images.

Trademark Legal Notices

All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks in the images in this repository, are property of their respective owners. All images in this repository are used by the Home Assistant project for identification purposes only.

The use of these names, trademarks and brands appearing in these image files, do not imply endorsement.


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