🥞The missing web stack generator tool for modern webpapps!
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🥞The missing web stack generator tool for modern webpapps!

Have you ever wondered what would be the best webapp stack to start your new project? Are you curious about the most used technologies? Do you want to quickly start our entire stack with one easy set of stack configuration? webstacker got your back.

How it works

For more information about the functional requirements and user cases for the webstack base app, please refer to our Wiki.

Webstacker will always have a most-voted stack, that will be installed when you run:

npm install -g webstacker webstacker init

Current Stack (⭐️community based)

[Name TBD] (Mongo - Express - React - Redux - Node)

  • Database: MySql
  • Backend: Java 8
  • Frontend: React 16
  • Mobile: React Native 0.55

Download - Install

Stack layers


Server side is the umbrella term used for layers where servers and applications manage data and business logic. They are usually consisted by some of the following layers:


Definition of databases

Databases available
  1. MySql
  2. PostgreSql
  3. MongoDB




SPA Frameworks

  1. React
  2. Angular
  3. Vue.js

How can I help?

Voice your opinion

Help shape this library by weighing in on our RFC (request for comments) issues.

Submit new stacks

You can submit new stacks to webstacker community. Follow the stack development guidelines and publish your preferred stack.


  • All kind of stacks are welcome


Created by @hugomn and an amazing community of contributors.


webstacker is released under the MIT License.