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A-RSnippet Theme

The goal of A-RSnippet theme is to be comprehensive.

Created and Maintained By Yingjie Hu with ❤️  Follow me on Twitter.


The goal of Hexo A-RSnippet theme is to achieve as many functionalities as possible. There are many features on my todo list. For example, there will be more than one style to show your projects on the portfolio page.

If you like A-RSnippet theme, please star the repo ⭐️ . It is the easiest way to support me.

You can get updated for each new version release if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Live Website


  • Bootstrap
  • Fully responsive: smartphone, tablet, laptop, to desktop computer
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Responsive YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Comments - Disqus
  • Analytics - Google, Baidu Analytics.
  • Webmaster verification
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Yandex
  • Code Syntax Highlight
  • Table of Contents
  • Custom Single Page
    • Pages
    • Tags page
    • Project Portfolio page
    • A list to show a specific category or tag for LeetCode problem list
  • Support Latex through MathJax
  • Cover image for posts and pages
  • Sharing - addthis
  • Navigation menu
  • Social Accounts configuration (more in the future)


Please go to for the latest tutorial.


  1. cd root_of_site_folder
  2. git clone themes/a-rsnippet
  3. Replace _config.yml in the root folder of the website with _config.yml in the a-rsnippet theme folder.

Update Theme


  1. Execute the following command to update the theme.

    cd themes/a-rsnippet
    git pull
  2. Compare the _config file the theme and your site _config file and edit when necessary.

  3. Modify the version number in your _config file.

Quick Start

  1. Copy the content of source folder in the exampleSite folder to your source folder
  2. Create a new post: hexo new post "post name"
  3. Create a new page: hexo new page "page name"
  4. Run the website: hexo server or hexo s

Code for An Example Website

There is an exampleSite folder in the theme folder.


The scaffolds folder contains files with empty front-matter of all layouts used on the site.

You can copy the files and folders in the exampleSite folder to your root of the website.

External Libraries Used

Customize the Theme

Every time you change something in the _config file, run hexo s again.

Every time you change something in the source folder, run hexo g && hexo s.

Please try not editing code in the theme as hard as you can.

Replacing the theme folder is the only way to update any Hexo theme. If you edit any file in the theme folder, it will not be easy for you to update A-RSnippet theme in the future.

If you want to customize the theme, please try using following methods. There is an example site in the theme folder.

  1. Use external libraries included in the theme.

  2. Add additional JavaScript and CSS to the arsnippet.css and arsnippet.js respectively. Their positions are as follows:

    | -- source
    | -- css
         | -- arsnippet.css
    | -- js
         | -- arsnippet.js

    You can see the example in the exampleSite folder.

  3. Add additional images

    1. Create a folder inside the source folder

    2. Add any image file inside the folder


      | -- source
           | -- img
                | -- cover-image.png

      The same logic can be applied to most types of files.

      For HTML files, an additional step should be done: add the filenames in skip_render: in the _config file.

    3. Access the files using /folder_name/filename.extension, such as /img/cover-image.png

      The first / is required because it represents the root path of the site.


Thank you for all contributors. Without your help, everything cannot move fast, smooth, and easy.

There are several ways you can help:

  1. Star A-RSnippet GitHub Repo

  2. Submit your custom layout


    • project portfolio
    • category
    • tag

    Please put CSS and JS into your layout ejs files.

    Please use the filename format categoryLayout-name.

    Assuming I want to create a post layout with the name elegant. The filename for the ejs file is post-elegant.ejs.

    categoryLayout can be one of the following:

    • index
    • post
    • page
    • tag
    • category
    • poem
    • portfolio
  3. Fix any typo and grammar error

    My native language is Chinese, not English. Please help.

  4. Report issue

  5. Help people on the forum and Discord


The theme cannot exist without reference to other themes.

  • Anisina theme which is from Hux theme : The design is beautiful. A-RSnippet theme used its design.
  • NexT theme and Landscape theme: When I don't know how to achieve some functionality, I will search source code for both themes. They are awesome.
  • 184 themes on the official Hexo website. I spent around 12 hours on reading read all themes and wrote down which feature I wanted to add in the future.

Getting Help

There are two main places to get help with A-RSnippet theme:

  1. forum
  2. Discord

Except for a private channel on Discord, please use English only.

If you want to use languages other than English, please use the following format:

[your language in English] xxxx [English] yyy


[Chinese] 除了一个Discord私人频道(你可以通过Patreon加入), 在论坛和Discord里发言只允许使用英文.

[English] Except a private Discord channel (you can join in via Patreon), all discussions on the forum and Discord must use English only.

Learning A-RSnippet Theme

Style Test Reference for Each Layout

Reporting Issues

  • GitHub issue

    This is the only method to report issues. Please go to forum or Discord to seek for help except issues and feature request.

Donate & Support

Thank you for choosing A-RSnippet theme.

Before creating the A-RSnippet theme, I was angry that themes were not easy to modify and source code was hard to understand.

Now I will not do it anymore. I spent several days to finish the first version. Writing documentation required more days. It taught me that every theme requires a big amount of time to complete and every authors' effort should be respected.

Simplicity does not mean easy or not complicated.

NexT theme seems to conform to minimalism. It has lots of functionalities and customization. It is not easy.

The goal of the theme is to contain as many features as possible. Hence, this is not a simple theme. For example, there will be more than one layout to present project portfolio. Please submit your layout if it is different from mine. There are more features on the way. It will take me a lot of time.

If you like A-RSnippet theme and/or appreciate my time dedicated to the theme, please give a tip to support the development of the theme.

There are four ways:

  1. Star the repo.

  2. Patreon (recurring, monthly)

    GitHub issue section is for issues or future features only. All seek-for-help activity should take place in the forum or Discord.

    • For people who don't donate through Patreon:

      If you ask a question via Discord, you must use English and write a post in English in the forum to show how you solve the problem. You must send me the link to the post. Otherwise, I will not answer your question(s) in the future.

    • For people who donate through Patreon:

      You will automatically join in a private Discord chatroom. You can ask me any question there.

      There are some benefits:

      1. You can suggest any feature you want. I will create a poll of a list of features to be developed after each release. The polls are shown only to you. The top items will be taken care of first.
      2. You can ask me questions in Chinese or English in the private channel on Discord.
      3. You will not be obliged to write a post in English in the forum. I will do it for you.
  3. itch (one-time)

  4. Gumroad (one-time)


Adding new features, fixing bugs, answering questions in the forum and Discord will take me an enormous amount of time. Hence, I decided to give up maintaining Chinese documentation. If you want to translate it into other languages, please feel free to do it. You can add a link here after completion.



GNU General Public License v3.0