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C++ SQL Parser

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This is a SQL Parser for C++. It parses the given SQL query into C++ objects. It has been developed for integration in Hyrise, but can be used perfectly well in other environments as well.

In March 2015 we've also written a short paper outlining discussing some development details and the integration into our database Hyrise. You can find the paper here.


Note: You can also find a detailed usage description here.


  • gcc 5+ (or clang 5+)

To use the SQL parser in your own projects you simply have to follow these few steps. The only requirement for is gcc 4.8+. Older versions of gcc/clang might also work, but are untested.

  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Compile the library make to create
  3. (Optional, Recommended) Run make install to copy the library to /usr/local/lib/
  4. Run the tests make test to make sure everything worked
  5. Include the SQLParser.h from src/ (or from /usr/local/lib/hsql/ if you installed it) and link the library in your project
  6. Take a look at the example project here
#include "hsql/SQLParser.h"

/* ... */

    // Basic Usage Example

    const std::string query = "...";
    hsql::SQLParserResult result;
    hsql::SQLParser::parse(query, &result);

    if (result.isValid() && result.size() > 0) {
        const hsql::SQLStatement* statement = result.getStatement(0);

        if (statement->isType(hsql::kStmtSelect)) {
            const auto* select = static_cast<const hsql::SelectStatement*>(statement);
            /* ... */

Quick Links:

How to Contribute

Developer Documentation

We strongly encourage you to contribute to this project! If you want to contribute to this project there are several options. If you've noticed a bug or would like an improvement let us know by creating a new issue. If you want to develop a new feature yourself or just improve the quality of the system, feel free to fork the reposistory and implement your changes. Open a pull request as soon as your done and we will look over it. If we think it's good then your pull request will be merged into this repository.


HYRISE sql-parser is licensed as open source after the MIT License which is declared in the LICENSE file of this project.


The following people contributed to HYRISE sql-parser in various forms.


SQL Parser for C++. Building C++ object structure from SQL statements.





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