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An Open Source XMPP Base Library written in Java
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JXMPP is an Open Source Java base library for XMPP. It provides often used functionality needed to build an XMPP stack.


JXMPP Components

JXMPP consists of several components, you can use all of them or decide to pick only the ones that suit your needs.


Provides core functionality most software that interacts with XMPP requires. Highlights include


A utility to parse date/time Strings in the various formats used within XMPP to a Date instance in a efficient manner without depending on third party libraries


Contains various String operations often needed when using XMPP


A utility to apply the various string transformation profiles required by XMPP in a efficient manner. Does also utilize a Cache for maximum efficiency.


Abstracts XMPP JIDs with Java classes, performing string preparation and validation. Although JIDs are split over five classes, jxmpp-jid is designed so that you often only need to use the simple Jid type. It therefore combines the simplicity of the single JID class approach, where JIDs are represented by a single class no matter what kind of JID they are, which the expressiveness of the JID class hierarchy approach, where you can express in a method signature the required JID type (e.g. foo(BareJid bareJid).

        /       / \       \
EntityFullJid  /   \     DomainFullJid
              /     \
     EntityBareJid  DomainBareJid

There are also the BareJid, FullJid, EntityJid and DomainJid interfaces, which are implemented by the Jid types as follows:

         BareJid                            FullJid
         /    \                             /   \
        /      \                           /     \
EntityBareJid  DomainBareJid     EntityFullJid  DomainFullJid

        EntityJid                         DomainJid
         /    \                             /   \
        /      \                           /     \
EntityBareJid  EntityFullJid     DomainBareJid  DomainFullJid

Jid instances are created with the help of the JidCreate utility:

Jid jid = JidCreate.from("foo@bar.example");


Perform XMPP's StringPrep with the help of libidn.

Use LibIdnXmppStringprep.setup() to make XmppStringPrepUtil use libidn.


Provides a lightweight and efficient Cache without external dependencies used by various JXMPP Components.


A framework to test "XMPP Strings".

Simply run

$ ./test-xmpp-strings

to run the testframework.

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