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Implementing Microservices

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  1. ADRs ADRs Public

    Architectural Decision Record for the Microservices Up & Running Architecture

    40 18

  2. gevent-store gevent-store Public

    Event Store implementation in Go

    Go 7 3

  3. ms-flights ms-flights Public

    Flights microservice for the Microservices Up and Running O'Reilly book

    JavaScript 5 17

  4. module-aws-network module-aws-network Public

    A simple Terraform based AWS network module from the book Microserivces Up and Running

    HCL 3 5

  5. infra-staging-env infra-staging-env Public

    A Terraform based CI/CD module to build the staging environment (from the book Microservices Up & Running)

    HCL 3 19

  6. ms-reservations ms-reservations Public

    A sample implementation of a microservice for the O'Reilly Microservices Up and Running book

    Python 2 10


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