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Event Store Microservice

ATTENTION: this setup assumes that the code is always executed inside a Docker container and is not meant for running code on the host machine directly.

API Spec:


  1. Build project and start inside a container:

    > make
  2. Check logs to verify things are running properly:

    > make logs

    If you see Starting microservice on internal port as the last entry in the log things should be A-OK. However, the port indicated there is internal to the Docker container and not a port you can test the service at. You need to run make ps to detect the external port (see below).

  3. Find the port the server attached to by running:

    > make ps

    which will have an output that looks something like

      Name                   Command               State            Ports
    ms-gevent-api   ./ -t 60 ms-gev ...   Up>3535/tcp

    Whatever you see instead of is the host/port that your microservice started at. Type it in your browser or Postman or another HTTP client of your choice to verify that the service is responding.


# run:
> make [start]

# stop:
> make stop

# follow logs:
> make logs

# show container status:
> make ps

# jump into the Docker container
> make shell

# To add a dependency, just modify go.mod
# and hot reloader will do the rest! THAT EASY

# build a release (production-appropriate) Docker image "from scratch":
> make build-release

# Run the release build:
> make run-release