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Qiitadon v1.4.1 #40

merged 467 commits into from May 31, 2017


None yet

ykzts commented May 29, 2017



Gargron and others added some commits May 11, 2017

When avatar/header are missing, do not include the missing file into …
…Atom (#2988)

Receiving instances will then use their own missing image

Also, add <content /> to deleted statuses, since there was a reported
problem with the deletes and GNU social
Fix #2027 - Accept own ID for remote follow with and without precedin…
…g @ (#2991)

* Fix #2027 - Accept own ID for remote follow with and without preceding @
Fix #2177 - Omit leading "acct:" in remote follow redirect template expansion

* Fix test
Fix #1426 - Trim long usernames in public follower/following lists (#…

Fix #2221 - Catch OpenSSL exceptions when loading remote avatars/headers/attachments
Don't strip "rel" attribute from <a> tags when sanitizing (microformats)
Remove dependencies that are no longer needed now (#2999)
There are some dependencies that are no longer needed anymore.
As a result, it took more time to install the package than necessary.

I want to delete them and shorten the installation time.
Update (#3006)
* Update

- Remodelling and adding missing strings from english version to arabic version.
- Translating max strings
- Reviewing some translations
- Other strings to be translated later (complicated somehow)

* Update

Updating translations from lines : 88 to 91
Update ar.json (#3004)
Updating some arabic translations.
Add yarn log files to gitignore (#3003)
* Add yarn-error.log to gitignore

* Add yarn-debug.log to gitignore
Use cid3 on Heroku (#3001)
Use to
install protobuf-compiler and libprotobuf-dev which are needed by cid3
Remove unnecessary message in video player (#3007)
Remove unnecessary messages added in #1879.
It is duplicated with other keys, causing the correct message not to be displayed.
Use ES Class Fields & Static Properties (#3008)
Use ES Class Fields & Static Properties (currently stage 2) for improve class outlook.

Added babel-plugin-transform-class-properties as a Babel plugin.
Fix locales again (#3010)
* Normalize locales

* Restore "mention" locale key
Fix sidekiq "port" being wrong (#3014)
Sidekiq doesn't need a port, however that env var is used for generating URLs
in development, so when foreman sets it wrong, you get bad URLs from the
streaming API during development
Increase color contrast on privacy warning (#3015)
The current text contrast on the privacy warning is a WCAG violation. I didn't notice this because my instance has a custom theme which is better. On default theme I am barely able to read the text with my impaired vision. This patch brings the contrast to Normal Text WCAG AA compliance, and Large Text WCAG AAA compliance.
Prepend reblogs' wrapper content with "RT @original_author", (#3013)
so that when a reblog parse fails on another instance, it doesn't
look like a misattributed/stolen text
Add conversation model, <ostatus:conversation /> (#3016)
* Add <ostatus:conversation /> tag to Atom input/output

Only uses ref attribute (not href) because href would be
the alternate link that's always included also.

Creates new conversation for every non-reply status. Carries
over conversation for every reply. Keeps remote URIs verbatim,
generates local URIs on the fly like the rest of them.

* Fix conversation migration

* More spec coverage for status before_create

* Prevent n+1 query when generating Atom with the new conversations

* Improve code style

* Remove redundant local variable
Allow SCSS variables to be overridden (#2987)
* Allow SCSS variables to be overridden with

* Allow these SCSS variables to be overriden:
  * `$base-shadow-color`
  * `$base-overlay-background`
  * `$base-border-color`
  * `$simple-background-color`
  * `$primary-text-color`
  * `$valid-value-color
  * `$error-value-color`
Fix color contrast some more in privacy warning (#3018)
* Fix color contrast some more in privacy warning

Latest master appears to have changed the <strong> to this unreadable grey color. If you want that to be white then it should be pure white. If someone would rather revert this to that strong dark blue color it was before that would be good too.

* Make domain dark blue again

* add missing ;

Spec coverage and refactor for pubsub/delivery worker (#3021)
* Framework for delivery worker spec

* Refactor of pubsub delivery worker
Rebuild node-sass (#3002)
Got an error in asset precompile on Heroku:
Module build failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/tmp/.../node_modules/node-sass/vendor'

Revert HTML CW changes (#3020)
* selectively Revert "Fix regressions from #2683 (#2970)"

This reverts commit 72698bc.

* Revert "Handle hashtags in spoiler_texts (partial fix for #699) (#2683)"

This reverts commit e249168.
Small FR localisation enhancements (#3033)
* Small localisation enhancement.

Be consistent regarding "e-mail" vs "courriel": I suggest
using "courriel" to refer to the electronic message and
"e-mail" when used in "adresse e-mail".  This reflects
the usage I generally observe, but I may be wrong.

* Localisation enhancements.

Omit some commas: "..., ..., ou ..." should be "..., ... ou ..."
since "ou" already articulates the sentence.

Also replace "demande" by "requête" when it makes sense.
feat(count): Just yml count syntax to provide different rule for 1 (#…

Update all translation forms that use this "counter" element.
Do not cancel PuSH subscriptions after encountering "permanent" error… (

* Do not cancel PuSH subscriptions after encountering "permanent" error response

After talking with MMN about it, turns out some servers/php setups do
return 4xx errors while rebooting, so this anti-feature that was meant
to take load off of the hub is doing more harm than good in terms of
breaking subscriptions

* Update delivery_worker.rb
Add browserslist config for autoprefixer (#3053)
We will reduce the weight of the style sheet by specifying the target web browser of autoprefixer.

knu and others added some commits May 26, 2017

Go to root after login in single user mode (#3289)
In single user mode, visitors are redirected to the single user's
profile page.  So, if you are the owner without a session, you start
from that page, click the login button and authenticate yourself
expecting you'll soon get started with the home page, but in reality
you'll get redirected back to where you started from -- your own
profile page.

This fixes the behavior by redirecting you home after login if you
have started from your own profile page.
Remove status context construction in the React side (#3331)
because it may causes flicker on the conversation when it contains blocked/muted user's status.

We use `/api/v1/statuses/{id}/context` to obtain status ids in the
conversation which filters blocked/muted user, but also uses internal
cache constructed from `in_reply_to_id` by `normalizeStatus()` in
`reducers/timelines.js` on each status loading which doesn't filter.

So statuses appears in conversation if those are cached, even those
statuses are from blocked/muted user. Then context cache will be updated
with the result of the context API and those statuses will be removed.

I have left the `normalizeStatus()` function itself which is called many
functions in the file as a placeholder for now, but maybe it should be
removed completely.
Updated Polish translation (#3335)
* i18n: updated Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* i18n: completed Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* i18n: corrected Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* i18n: Updated Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* Update

* Update

* updated Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* Update pl.yml
Replace onboarding elephant with friendlier graphic, shorter animation (

on status fade-in, fix buttons not having pointer cursor
Fix some nil errors (#3338)
* Fix nil input not handled well in AuthorExtractor concern

* Fix hard error in ProcessFeedService when replied-to status has been deleted

* Fix nil errors in ProcessInteractionService when favourited status
cannot be found
i18n: pl: pluralized (#3344)
Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>
i18n update for Occitan language (#3362)
* Update simple_form.oc.yml

* Added check spam folder

* Update oc.json

abonats => seguidors

* Update oc.yml

* Update oc.json

Added translations + corrections

* Update confirmation_instructions.oc.html.erb

* Update confirmation_instructions.oc.text.erb

* i18n mailer

* Update reset_password_instructions.oc.html.erb
Update Dutch strings for 1.4 (#3363)
* Update nl strings for 1.4

* Update nl strings for 1.4

* Update nl strings for 1.4

* nl strings (+1)

More new OTP strings will be translated another time
Fix #2922 - Load stylesheet from "custom.css" entrypoint when present (

* Fix #2922 - Load stylesheet from "custom.css" entrypoint when present

This is pretty much the same way it worked as before, albeit with
having to create app/javascript/packs/custom.js with
require('../styles/custom.scss') (or whatever you want really), which
will be a blank slate for you to import whatever you want

* Remove old assets directory

* Extract font-awesome into common.css and always load it
Improve streaming API cluster logging (#3370)
* Improve streaming API cluster logging

* Less verbose error middleware logging (stack trace useless there)

* Fix error logging

* Prevent potential issue

* Add missing "done()" in catch of Promise.all, websocket heartbeat re-implemented like in example

* I actually forgot a done(), the absolute madman
Persian translation fixes and updates (#3380)
* Persian translation fix

* Persian translation of new strings
i18n: Add some tags for Chinese translation (#3379)
* Enhance for the Chinese translation

* Add filtered_languages for Chinese Translation include CN/HK/TW for PR #3175

* i18n: Add some tags for Chinese translation

* i18n: Add some tags for Chinese translation
Fix Webpack Bundle Analyzer output for Webpacker (#3374)
Webpacker failed to parse output of Webpack when a module requires
non-existent module or has similar errors. This commit fixes the bug.
Fix video having black border on top due to regression from #2608 (#3392

The combination of object-fit, relative position 50% from top and translating it
back upwards 50% is what allows us to crop the video properly, so it needs to
be +50%-50%

@htomine htomine referenced this pull request May 30, 2017


カスタムテーマの抜け漏れをなくす #47

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tomoasleep May 31, 2017


Thanks 🙇


tomoasleep commented May 31, 2017

Thanks 🙇

@tomoasleep tomoasleep merged commit 57f735e into increments:qiitadon May 31, 2017

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continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

@ykzts ykzts deleted the ykzts:qiitadon-v1.4.1 branch May 31, 2017

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