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Threading Building Blocks 2019 Update 8

Stable release Apache License Version 2.0

Threading Building Blocks (TBB) lets you easily write parallel C++ programs that take full advantage of multicore performance, that are portable, composable and have future-proof scalability.

Release Information

Here are the latest Changes and Release Notes (contains system requirements and known issues).

Since 2018 U5 TBB binary packages include Parallel STL as a high-level component.



Please report issues and suggestions via GitHub issues or start a topic on the TBB forum.

How to Contribute

To contribute to TBB, please open a GitHub pull request (preferred) or send us a patch by e-mail. Threading Building Blocks is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0. By its terms, contributions submitted to the project are also done under that license.

Engineering team contacts

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