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This is the repository for Vue I18n 9 for Vue 3

Internationalization plugin for Vue.js

Supporting Vue I18n & Intlify Project

Vue I18n is part of the Vue Ecosystem and Intlify Project is an open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of Sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor, please consider:

🏅 Platinum Sponsors

Special Sponsors

🥇 Gold Sponsors

🥈 Silver Sponsors

🥉 Bronze Sponsors

Status: Test Lint


  • Via CDN: <script src=""></script>
  • In-browser playground on CodeSandbox
  • Add it to an existing Vue Project:
    npm install vue-i18n@9

Changes from Vue I18n v8

Please consult the Migration Guide.

🙋‍♂️ About support for v9 and earlier

  • v7 and v8: we will follow Vue v2 maintenance lifespan

🍭 Examples

See the examples directory.

The examples are offered in the following two API styles:

  • composition
    • Examples using the new Vue I18n API for Vue 3 Composition API
  • legacy
    • Examples using the Vue I18n API that are almost compatible with Vue I18n v8.x

📦 Main Packages

Package NPM
vue-i18n vue-i18n
vue-i18n-bridge vue-i18n-bridge
@intlify/core @intlify/core
@intlify/core-base @intlify/core-base
@intlify/message-compiler @intlify/message-compiler
@intlify/shared @intlify/shared

🏃 Other Projects

Project NPM Repo
Vue CLI Plugin vue-cli-plugin-i18n intlify/vue-cli-plugin-i18n
Vue I18n Extensions @intlify/vue-i18n-extensions intlify/vue-i18n-extentions
ESLint Plugin @intlify/eslint-plugin-vue-i18n intlify/eslint-plugin-vue-i18n
Composition API for Vue 2.x vue-i18n-composable intlify/vue-i18n-composable
CLI intlify/cli intlify/cli
Unplugin plugin @intlify/unplugin-vue-i18n intlify/unplugin-vue-i18n
Vite Plugin @intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18n intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18n
Webpack Loader @intlify/vue-i18n-loader intlify/vue-i18n-loader
Rollup Plugin @intlify/rollup-plugin-vue-i18n intlify/rollup-plugin-vue-i18n
Vue Jest Plugin vue-i18n-jest intlify/vue-i18n-jest
Vue I18n Locale Message Tools vue-i18n-locale-message intlify/vue-i18n-locale-message

💪 Contribution

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

©️ License