The Python OAuth client provides a set of methods that make it easier to work with Intuit's OAuth and OpenID implementation.
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Intuit's OAuth2 and OpenID Python Client

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This client library is meant to work with Intuit's OAuth and OpenID implementation. The AuthClient object response can be used for User Info API, Accounting API and Payments API. This library supports:

  • Generating Authorization URL
  • Getting OAuth2 Bearer Token
  • Getting User Info
  • Validating OpenID token
  • Refreshing OAuth2 Token
  • Revoking OAuth2 Token
  • Migrating tokens from OAuth1.0 to OAuth2


Using pip:

$ pip install intuit-oauth


Usage and Reference Documentation can be found at

Sample App

Sample app for this library can be found at IntuitDeveloper GitHub Org

Issues and Contributions

Please open an issue on GitHub if you have a problem, suggestion, or other comment.

Pull requests are welcome and encouraged! Any contributions should include new or updated unit tests as necessary to maintain thorough test coverage.


This library is provided under Apache 2.0 which is found here