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Ionic Docs

This is the home for the v4+ Ionic Framework docs.


Install dependencies by running npm install and then start the development server with npm run dev. Note that you'll need recent versions of npm (5.8+) and Node (8+).


The docs content is written as markdown and lives in src/content. The content directory maps directly to routes on the site. (src/content/ -> /docs/intro) In lieu of a style guide, temporarily, please refer to existing docs for examples of preferred style.

Directory Structure

The repo consists of three main top-level directories: scripts, server, and src. The scripts/ directory holds build scripts for fetching and generating API reference docs from other Ionic repositories. You should not need to change it. The server/ directory holds the source for the production server. The src/ directory contains the main Stencil app's components and styles.

├── scripts/
├── server/
└── src/
    └── content/


Markdown content living in src/content/ is mapped to routes based on the file path. So, a markdown document at src/content/ is available on the docs site at /docs/intro. Reference content, such as API and CLI docs, is sourced from separate repos and should be edited there.


Much of the content is sourced from external repos, each in sources/. To pull this in and generate the missing pages, run the command: npm run docgen. To generate a specific section, add framework, cli, native, components, or storage after the the docgen command. For example npm run docgen native.