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Repo for the site. To preview local Ionic changes, follow the instructions at the Ionic repo.

gulp watch uses LiveReload. You may have to up your max file limit with the following command:

ulimit -n 7000

Local Build

  1. Run npm install

  2. Install gems (Jekyll and kramdown): npm run bundle-install

    This will re-construct your Gemfile.lock for the specific platform you are developing on and exclude it from Git. If you need to make a change to the Gemfile, or are updating gems, you will need to remove the Gemfile.lock from .git/info/exclude.

  3. Run gulp watch (after the first run, this is the only step needed)

CI Explanation

Ionic v1 and v2 now automatically deploy their changes to an Ionic staging server. Ionic team members are given permission to the staging and production servers in Heroku. V1 and V2 docs changes go as follows:

  1. Change the content of the docs as necessary.
  2. Optionally preview the changes by running gulp docs in the Ionic v1/2 repo, and gulp watch in ionic site, which should be a sibling directory of the ionic and ionic2 repos.
  3. Commit and push changes
  4. Sit back. The Ionic v1 CI tasks and the Ionic v2 CI tasks will generate the new docs and push them to the ionic-site repo. The ionic-site CI tasks will then build them and automatically deploy them to the staging server.
  5. Preview changes on the staging server and promote the changes to production if all looks well. Be sure to give the site a quick look over to make sure things look good.

Third Party Libraries

3rd part libraries should be concatenated into the site bundle by adding them via package.json and specifying what files to include in the assets/3rd-party-libs.json file.


Changes to master are automatically deployed to Periodically, the core framework will inspect staging and promote it to


Occasionally, people get a Jekyll error the first time they run gulp watch. Try deleting Gemfile.lock and re-running bundle install and then try again. Be sure to set your local git to exclude the changed Gemfile.lock file.


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