dnslink resolution in go-ipfs
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dnslink resolution in go-ipfs

Table of Contents


Package dnslink implements a DNS link resolver. dnslink is a basic standard for placing traversable links in DNS itself. See dnslink.info

A dnslink is a path link in a DNS TXT record, like this:


For example:

> dig TXT ipfs.io
ipfs.io.  120   IN  TXT  dnslink=/ipfs/QmR7tiySn6vFHcEjBeZNtYGAFh735PJHfEMdVEycj9jAPy

This package eases resolving and working with thse DNS links. For example:

import (
  dnslink "github.com/jbenet/go-dnslink"

link, err := dnslink.Resolve("ipfs.io")
// link = "/ipfs/QmR7tiySn6vFHcEjBeZNtYGAFh735PJHfEMdVEycj9jAPy"

It even supports recursive resolution. Suppose you have three domains with dnslink records like these:

> dig TXT foo.com
foo.com.  120   IN  TXT  dnslink=/ipns/bar.com/f/o/o
> dig TXT bar.com
bar.com.  120   IN  TXT  dnslink=/ipns/long.test.baz.it/b/a/r
> dig TXT long.test.baz.it
long.test.baz.it.  120   IN  TXT  dnslink=/b/a/z

Expect these resolutions:

dnslink.ResolveN("long.test.baz.it", 0) // "/ipns/long.test.baz.it"
dnslink.Resolve("long.test.baz.it")     // "/b/a/z"

dnslink.ResolveN("bar.com", 1)          // "/ipns/long.test.baz.it/b/a/r"
dnslink.Resolve("bar.com")              // "/b/a/z/b/a/r"

dnslink.ResolveN("foo.com", 1)          // "/ipns/bar.com/f/o/o/"
dnslink.ResolveN("foo.com", 2)          // "/ipns/long.test.baz.it/b/a/r/f/o/o/"
dnslink.Resolve("foo.com")              // "/b/a/z/b/a/r/f/o/o"


go get github.com/ipfs/go-dnslink


As a library

import (

  dnslink "github.com/jbenet/go-dnslink"

func main() {
  link, err := dnslink.Resolve("ipfs.io")
  if err != nil {

  fmt.Println(link) // string path

As a commandline tool

Check out the commandline tool, which works like this:

> dnslink ipfs.io


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

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MIT © Juan Benet-Batiz