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Fix colors in output of ResultList on Windows #37

ipython opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Original Launchpad bug 515234:
Reported by: ellisonbg (Brian Granger).

The ResultList that is returned by MultiEngineClient.get_result and execute does not handle colors properly on win32. This is because it is using print rather than Term.cout.


This can't be fixed easily because this text is not printed, but rather triggered on display.

@dwrensha dwrensha referenced this issue from a commit
@andrewrk andrewrk re-write interface between client and server
 * Use raw web sockets instead of closes #114
 * promote most plugin code to be actually integrated with
   groovebasin, except
 * ability to upgrade from mpd protocol to groovebasin protocol
 * serialize/deserialize lastQueueDate and update it for all types of queuing.
   Fixes DynamicMode losing randomness data on server restart.
 * repeat state is saved between restarts
 * fixed a race condition in player.importFile
 * a smaller subset of db file properties are sent to the server, reducing
   library payload size
 * diffs are sent to client for playlist and library. closes #142
 * information is no longer requested in the groovebasin API; it is only
   subscribed to. closes #115
 * all commands go through the permissions framework. see #37
 * chat is deleted for now. closes #17
 * update to latest superagent and leveldb
 * fix stream activating and deactivating when seeking and not streaming
This issue was closed.
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