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Just an idea, would it be possible to have tab completion of functions' arguments names?



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Should be possible, I think. We would have to detect that we are inside a function call and identify that function, which I don't think we do, but presumably could.

Example, assuming you have found the function:

import inspect

spec = inspect.getargspec(func)
# only get names of keyword args:
if spec.defaults:
    kwargnames = spec.args[-len(spec.defaults):]
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Having just tested, it seems we already can do that. I tried:

In [6]: def f(kinkajou=True):
   ...:     print kinkajou

In [7]: f(k
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good call, it certainly does work. I probably should have checked :). Closing.

@minrk minrk closed this Sep 23, 2011

Yes, but the current behaviour seems to show only optional arguments,

def f(koala, kinkajou=True):
    print "I'm a koala"
kaiser kinkajou= kron

Why not get completion for all arguments?


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You can actually, e.g.,

>>> def f(a, b):
...     print a, b

>>> f(a=3, b=4)
3 4

>>> f(b=3, a=4)
4 3

that's using Python 2.7, not sure about earlier versions.

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Good call, I had forgotten about that! It does work in 2.6, which is the earliest version supported by IPython. How's this?

CRP commented May 2, 2014

Hi, sorry if I refer to this very old point, but it is the only existing reference I found to tab-completion for function arguments. The current setup shows all variables in the current namespace along with the function arguments. But the latter are difficult to find if the namespace is crowded. Would it be possible to group all argument together at the beginning or something like that?


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