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Coverage Status Build Status MIT licensed CocoaPods Swift

⚠️ To use with Swift 2.3 please ensure you are using == 0.2.3 ⚠️

⚠️ To use with Swift 3.x please ensure you are using >= 0.3.0 ⚠️

⚠️ To use with Swift 4.x please ensure you are using >= 0.4.0 ⚠️

⚠️ To use with Swift 4.2 please ensure you are using >= 0.4.1 ⚠️

⚠️ To use with Swift 5.0 please ensure you are using >= 0.5.0 ⚠️

UIView subclass written in Swift to show circular progress.

Example Usage

Is your app using it? Let me know!

Please see the included example app for sample usage.


  • Indeterminate (spins infinitely)
  • Normal (set progress between 0.0 and 1.0)
  • Mixed (can make it indeterminate, but also animate progress to 1.0)

Public API

 Enables or disables the indeterminate (spinning) animation

 - parameter enabled:    Whether or not to enable the animation (defaults to `true`)
 - parameter completion: An optional closure to execute after the animation completes
open func enableIndeterminate(_ enabled: Bool = true, completion: CompletionBlock? = nil) {}
 Updates the progress bar to the given value with the optional properties

 - parameter progress:     The progress to update to, pinned between `0` and `1`
 - parameter animated:     Whether or not the update should be animated (defaults to `true`)
 - parameter initialDelay: Sets an initial delay before the animation begins
 - parameter duration:     Sets the overal duration that the animation should complete within
 - parameter completion:   An optional closure to execute after the animation completes
open func updateProgress(_ progress: CGFloat, animated: Bool = true, initialDelay: CFTimeInterval = 0, duration: CFTimeInterval? = nil, completion: CompletionBlock? = nil) {}


Note: Most properties below are @IBInspectable, but I don't use Interface Builder personally so let me know if you see any issues.

var trackTintColor: UIColor

  • The color of the empty progress track (gets drawn over)

var progressTintColor: UIColor

  • The color of the progress bar

var innerTintColor: UIColor?

  • The color the notched out circle within the progress area (if there is one)

var roundedCorners: Bool

  • Sets whether or not the corners of the progress bar should be rounded

var thicknessRatio: CGFloat

  • Sets how thick the progress bar should be (pinned between 0.01 and 1)

var clockwiseProgress: Bool

  • Sets whether or not the animation should be clockwise

var timingFunction: CAMediaTimingFunction

  • A timing function defining the pacing of the animation. Defaults to ease in, ease out.

var progress: CGFloat

  • Getter for the current progress (not observed from any active animations)

var indeterminateProgress: CGFloat

  • Sets how much of the progress bar should be filled during an indeterminate animation, pinned between 0.05 and 0.9
  • Note: This can be overriden / animated from by using updateProgress(...)

var indeterminateDuration: CFTimeInterval

  • Controls the speed at which the indeterminate progress bar animates


Swift, ARC & iOS 8+, Autolayout or springs and struts

A little help from my friends

Please feel free to fork and create a pull request for bug fixes or improvements, being sure to maintain the general coding style, adding tests, and adding comments as necessary.


This library is effectively a Swift port of DACircularProgress with some minor changes to the API, so it should be fairly easy to act as a replacement. I really loved that library but unfortunately it wasn't being maintained.


(Swift) Circular progress UIView subclass with UIProgressView properties





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