An ASP.NET 4.7 MVC blog framework built for speed.
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An ASP.NET 4.7 MVC markdown blog framework built for speed and getting things right. Fully functional with the minimum required features to make a blog nice, while following best practices along the way.


  • Fast as hell, first paint in 300ms-350ms (locally) or 350ms-450ms (hosted) range.
  • Scores 100 for Performance on Google audit (desktop and mobile).
  • Scores 100 for Accessibility on Google audit (desktop and mobile).
  • Scores 100 for Best Practices on Google audit (desktop and mobile).
  • Scores 100 for SEO on Google audit (desktop and mobile).
  • Built in Disqus comment/response support.
  • Built in reCAPTCHA support.
  • Built in drag-drop image upload and embed.
  • Edit and post in markdown, render as html.
  • No database, uses flat file xml storage.
  • Automatically generates a sitemap.xml.


Built for speed


Install Instructions

  1. Clone repo.
  2. Open with Visual Studio, edit web.config variables.
  3. Place whatever content you want in the /Home view, or delete the controller for no Home page.
  4. Make sure to enable directory write permissions on your server/hosting.
  5. Build and publish to your website.
  6. Send me the link on Twitter so I can share it.

Usage Instructions

  1. Navigate to /admin and login with the username and password you set.
  2. Start blogging.
  3. Click on an uploaded image to copy the markdown link to clipboard.

With Thanks

  • Initial base (sort of, mostly the xml storing and parsing): MiniBlog.
  • Markdown parsing: CommonMark.NET.
  • Drag drop image upload in pure JS based on the work by Joe Zim.
  • Frontent Beautification: Jean-Paul "JP" Kleynhans.

You can read more about BlogFull and see it running over on my site.