Vim Emulator Plugin for Visual Studio 2010+
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Latest commit 6b0aaa0 Aug 18, 2016 @jaredpar Fixed a Vs 2010 reference
The DLL MS.VS.Shell.Immutable.10.0 is used indirectly by the Platform APIs.  I made this an explicit reference.

Additionally the versions of the DLL shipped in newer Visual Studio instances has a difference TargetFramework value.  The VS 2010 version should always have a 4.0 TFM as that is the framework shipped in VS 2010.  But newer versions have 4.5 TFM which is incorrect.  Fixed this by adding the DLL to the reference set.

Welcome to VsVim

All code in this project is covered under the Apache 2 license a copy of which is available in the same directory under the name License.txt.

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  1. Install the Visual Studio SDK
  2. Open the Solution VsVim.sln
  3. Build

VsVim.sln will work with any version of Visual Studio since 2010. The SKU must be professional or higher due to the use of VSIX projects.

Branching Structure

  • master: Stable branch
  • staging: Used for releasing new versions
  • fixes*: Both short and long term fixes
  • dead*: Branches which will never integrate with master again.