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The quickstarts for the narayana project
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Guidelines for contributing a quickstart are as per:

To run the quickstarts:

  1. set WORKSPACE (to the root of the quickstart checkout)
  2. set JBOSSAS_IP_ADDR (default is localhost)
  3. set JBOSS_HOME (to the path of JBossAS server, e.g. /home/tom/projects/jbosstm/narayana/jboss-as/build/target/jboss-as-8.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT/)
  4. mvn clean install

One of the BlackTie quickstarts requires the Oracle driver to be downloaded and configured, see blacktie/test/initializeBlackTie.xml for more details.

It is disabled by default but running "./blacktie/run_all_quickstarts.[sh|bat] tx" will execute it

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