script to retroactively add commitids to past openbsd commits
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###OpenBSD commitid generator

A work in progress to assign CVS provenance-style commitid identifiers to all revisions of all files in OpenBSD's CVS trees.


Paths used here are hard-coded in openbsd-commitid.rb.

  1. Download pristine sources to /var/cvs:

    `$ cvsync`
  2. Duplicate just-downloaded tree to /var/cvs-commitid, since these files will get modified:

    `$ rsync -a --delete /var/cvs/. /var/cvs-commitid/.`
  3. Run this script:

    `$ ruby openbsd-commitid.rb`

NOTE: This script relies on recently added changes to OpenBSD's rlog and cvs tools:

  • cvs admin -C to set a revision's commitid
  • rlog -E and rlog -S to control the revision separators in rlog output, since the default line of dashes appears in old commit messages

For details of how this script works, read openbsd-commitid.rb.