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A Terraform wrapper for Datomic
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All Terraform and scripts assume you have the AWS CLI tools installed. On the Mac, you can install them via Homebrew:

brew install awscli


All of the Terraform assumes that you have configured your AWS credentials the following way:


aws_access_key_id = …
aws_secret_access_key = …


[profile ops]

[profile ops-dev]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-tools]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-stage]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-prod]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

You can configure using aws configure or edit the files directly.

Initial Build

Before applying this Terraform, you need to install Datomic Cloud via the AWS Marketplace where you can configure and deploy a CloudFormation stack to stand up the Datomic environment.

You have to provide the stack names manually through variables—there's no way to derive them. The module also assumes the creation of a bastion instance and create an inbound route for the bastion security group as well as a VPC Endpoint Service.

terraform init
terraform plan -out plan
terraform apply plan
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