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Simple Automated CI/CD Pipeline for Git Projects

This Git-Push-Deploy solution enables automatic delivery of updates within your Git application sources directly to the cloud. The package can be applied as an add-on to Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Go projects, run on top of the certified stack templates.


The workflow depends on the programming language used in your project:

  • for Java-based projects, the package initiates creation of separate environment with a Maven build node, which will be responsible for interaction with remote Git repository, triggering your application builds and their deployment to application server

  • for PHP/Ruby/Node.js/Python/Go apps, the package sets up a pipeline for project deployment directly to the ROOT context on a web server (consider that Ruby app servers are displayed with a deployment mode instead of a context within dashboard, though the actual project location is the same)

All related deployment operations are performed via Jelastic API. Herewith, if a server runs multiple containers, all of them will be restarted sequentially (with a 30-second delay by default) during the update to eliminate possible application downtime. Beside that, a special ZDT Deployment option is used for PHP applications, ensuring their constant availability even with a single application server node.


Before applying the package, please consider the following points:

  • The solution is proven for use with GitHub and GitLab repositories
  • For a proper package installation, some preliminary Git repository configurations are required:
    • generated and remembered Personal Access Token that corresponds to your GitHub or GitLab account
    • for integration with Java-powered app, the appropriate repository root should contain a pom.xml file with the following content as an obligatory basis (where groupId, artifactId and version values are optional):


How to Integrate Git-Push-Deploy Pipeline to Jelastic Environment

To install the Git-Push-Deploy package, copy link to the manifest.jps file above and import it to your Jelastic dashboard.


Within the opened installation window, specify the following data:

  • Git Repo Url - HTTPS link to your application repo
  • Branch - a project branch to be used
  • User - your Git account login
  • Token - personal Git access token for webhook generation (can be created within GitHub/GitLab account settings)
  • Environment name - target environment your application should be deployed to
  • Nodes - application server name (is fetched automatically upon selecting the environment)

Click Install and wait for Jelastic to configure CI/CD pipeline for your project. Once your application is deployed, all the further changes, committed to a source repository, will be automatically delivered to your environment inside Jelastic Cloud.

For more information on the package please refer to the article Git Push Deploy to Containers.

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