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Example Firebase Symfony application using the Firebase PHP Admin SDK
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Firebase Admin SDK Examples

Example Symfony Project using


How to use

git clone
cd firebase-php-examples
composer install
cp .env.dist .env
# Set FIREBASE_CREDENTIALS_PATH with the path to your credentials file
bin/console list app

Running the server

# Show available routes
bin/console debug:router
# Start the server
bin/console server:start

Available commands

bin/console app:create-user                  # Creates a Firebase user
bin/console app:fcm:send-message             # Send an FCM message
bin/console app:remote-config:list-versions  # Lists all remote config versions
bin/console app:reset-project                # Reset parts of a Firebase project to its initial state

Deploying to Google Cloud Engine

You can deploy the application to Google Cloud Engine with the following command:

gcloud app deploy

The Firebase PHP SDK will autodiscover the credentials on the GCE environment to connect to the Firebase services. If you run into authorization issues, please consult

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