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drawio-desktop is a diagramming and whiteboarding desktop app based on Electron that wraps the core editor.

Download built binaries from the releases section.

Security Desktop is designed to be completely isolated from the Internet, apart from the update process. This checks at startup for a newer version and downloads it from an AWS S3 bucket owned by Github. All JavaScript files are self-contained, the Content Security Policy forbids running remotely loaded JavaScript.

No diagram data is ever sent externally, nor do we send any analytics about app usage externally. This means certain functionality for which we do not have a JavaScript implementation do not work in the Desktop build, namely .vsd and Gliffy import.

Developing is a git submodule of drawio-desktop. To get both you need to clone recursively:

git clone --recursive

To run this:

  1. npm install (in the root directory of this repo)
  2. npm install (in the drawio directory of this repo drawio/src/main/webapp)
  3. export DRAWIO_ENV=dev if you want to develop/debug in dev mode.
  4. npm start in the root directory of this repo runs the app.

To release:

  1. Update the sub-module and push the change. Add version tag before pushing to origin.
  2. Wait for the builds to complete ( and
  3. Go to, edit the preview release.
  4. Download the windows exe and windows portable, sign them using signtool sign /a /tr /td SHA256 c:/path/to/your/file.exe
  5. Re-upload signed file as and
  6. Add release notes
  7. Publish release

Note: In Windows release, when using both x64 and is32 as arch, the result is one big file with both archs. This is why we split them.

Open-source, not open-contribution

Similar to SQLite, is open source but closed to contributions.

The level of complexity of this project means that even simple changes can break a lot of other moving parts. The amount of testing required is far more than it first seems. If we were to receive a PR, we'd have to basically throw it away and write it how we want it to be implemented.

We are grateful for community involvement, bug reports, & feature requests. We do not wish to come off as anything but welcoming, however, we've made the decision to keep this project closed to contributions for the long term viability of the project.