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Several screenshots of the app showing off different screens and features in both light and dark mode

Redesign Beta

We're currently in the process of redesigning Finamp to transform it into a modern, beautiful, and feature-rich music player made specifically for Jellyfin.
You can join the beta on Google Play and Apple TestFlight, or download the latest beta APK from the releases page.
Please note that the beta is still work-in-progress, so the UI and functionality might be inconsistent or incomplete, and is not final. However, the beta is fully functional and should be stable enough for daily use.

Finamp is a Jellyfin music player for Android and iOS. It's meant to give you a similar listening experience as traditional streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, but for the music that you already own. It's free, open-source software, just like Jellyfin itself.
Some of its features include:

  • A welcoming user interface that looks modern & unique, but still familiar
  • Downloading files for offline listening and saving mobile data
  • Transcoded streaming for saving mobile data
  • Beautiful dynamic colors that adapt to your media
  • Audio volume normalization ("ReplayGain") (Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Gapless playback
  • Android Auto support (experimental, only works when installed via Google Play)
  • Full support for Jellyfin's "Playback Reporting" feature and plugin, letting you keep track of your listening activity

You need your own Jellyfin server to use Finamp. If you don't have one yet, take a look at Jellyfin's website to learn more about it and how to set it up.

Getting Finamp

Get it on F-Droid

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

Note: The F-Droid release may take a day or two to get updates because since F-Droid only builds once a day.
The app is also available as an APK from the releases page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Installing

Is Finamp free?

Absolutely! It costs nothing to use. We do appreciate voluntary contributions of any kind though, be that bug reports, code, designs, or ideas for new features. You can also donate to some of the developers to show your appreciation <3

How can I install Finamp?

On Android, Finamp can be installed from the Google Play Store, F-Droid store, or directly by installing the APK file from GitHub.
On iOS, you can install Finamp through Apple's App Store. Just click on the buttons above.

Does Finamp support my media formats?

Finamp should support all formats supported by Jellyfin. Some more advanced formats could cause issues for regular playback, but transcoding should fix these issues.

Does Finamp support Android Auto / Apple CarPlay?

Theoretically, but not yet. There is an issue for this that contains a proof of concept for Android Auto in there, but it hasn't been tested yet. Maybe you could help out!

Is Finamp legal?

Yes. Finamp is a tool that lets you interface with a Jellyfin server. Finamp does not come with any music, and will not connect to streaming services other than Jellyfin. You will need to bring your own media and add it to Jellyfin, for example by purchasing music online. This often also directly supports your favorite artists!

After Installing

I'm having trouble with Finamp, where can I find help?

If you're experiencing software bugs or other issues with Finamp, be sure to take a look at Finamp's issue tracker, especially the pinned issues at the top of the page. If you can't find anything related to your specific problem, please create a new issue (you will need a GitHub account).

My Playlists aren't showing up!

A recent Jellyfin update (10.8.11) included some changes to how playlists show up. This was done by mistake and should be fixed in a coming Jellyfin update soon. In case the update is delayed, we will try to temporarily change how Finamp shows playlists until the problem is resolved.


Finamp is a community-driven project and relies on people like you and their contributions. To learn how you could help out with making Finamp even better, take a look at our Contribution Guidelines

Known Issues

This app is still a work in progress, and has some bugs/issues that haven't been fixed yet. Here is a list of currently known issues:

  • Reordering the queue while shuffle is enabled is not possible at the moment. It seems like this is an issue with a dependency of Finamp (just_audio), and is being tracked here
  • If you have a very large library or an older phone, performance might not be great in some places
  • Download indicators occasionally don't update

Planned Features

  • Lyrics support (Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Improved Android Auto / Apple CarPlay support
  • Full redesign, adding more features and a home screen. See this issue for more info
  • Better playlist editing
  • Transcoding support for downloads
  • Multiple users/servers
  • More customization options


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