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Development environment for bitcoin
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Virtual machine configuration for development environment for bitcoin.

This vagrant configuration can be used to provision a virtual machine locally (using Virtualbox) or remotely on AWS.

What it's doing

Provisioning a bitcoin development environment by grabbing all the dependencies, then building bitcoin from source.

Running the VM

Requirements for both local and remote VMs

Running locally using Virtualbox

  • Make sure that Virtualbox is installed.
  • Run vagrant up to start the machine.

Running remotely on AWS

  • Make sure that the vagrant-aws plugin is installed.
  • Super secret AWS config is stored in Vagrantfile-private-aws. Update that file with your AWS config.
  • Use the aws provisioning script to provision the machine: aws/provision
A note on Vagrant-private-aws

A sample Vagrant-private-aws is checked into the repository. If you change Vagrant-private-aws and run git status, it'll show up as modified and unstaged. To suppress that (and stop yourself from accidentally checking in your supersecret AWS config into a public repository), you should run the following command to make git assume that the file is always unmodified:

git update-index --assume-unchanged Vagrantfile-private-aws

What to do next

  • log into your VM using vagrant ssh
  • run bitcoind, run bitcoin tests, etc
  • fix bugs, write code, open pull request
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