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Simple & user-friendly color picker for HTML forms
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Fork of JSColor (written by Jan Odvárko)

It's a polyfill!

My fork changes the way JSColor integrates. It uses

<input type=color>

instead of

<input class=color>

Also, this fork removes support for configuration via class name.


I include a makefile to compress the script down to 15kB using uglifyjs ( To use the task, install

  • make
  • node
  • uglify-js (via npm install uglify-js)

Compress the file with


and you're done - a jscolor.min.js has been created.

Use with Modernizr

This fork of jscolor can be used in combination with modernizr ( to dynamically load the script if the browser does not support input type color.

Please look at modernizr.html for information on usage.



Author: Jan Odvarko,

(c) Johannes J. Schmidt, TF, 2011

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