Execute a command when a file is changed
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                      Run a command when a file is changed

    ~ What is it?

      Tired of switching to the shell to test the changes you just made to
      your code? Starting to feel like a mindless drone, manually running
      pdflatex for the 30th time to see how your resume now looks?

      Worry not, when-changed is here to help! Whenever it sees that you have
      changed the file, when-changed runs any command you specify.

      So to generate your latex resume automatically, you can do this:

      $ when-changed CV.tex pdflatex CV.tex


    ~ What do I need?

      Python 2.6+

    ~ Installation

      pip install https://github.com/joh/when-changed/archive/master.zip

    ~ Usage

      when-changed FILE COMMAND...
      when-changed FILE [FILE ...] -c COMMAND

      `%f` gets replaced with the file that changed:

      when-changed FILE [FILE ...] -c echo '%f changed'