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Productivity tools for Linux.
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Productivity tools for Linux.

Files here are general-purpose Linux productivity tools accumulated from my time in the software vocation/avocation. They are released under the terms of the BSD two-clause license (see LICENSE.txt).


  • abbrevs -- Essentially aliases, but available from contexts in which aliases are not evaluable.

  • arith -- Simple pipe-oriented tools for things like sums and GCDs.

  • fundam -- Filters I use each and every day in my work as a software developer. Many of them are intended to be used as editor filters, e.g. one may left-align a paragraph of text columns by using !}left in vim. Another primary use is for logsnarfing: who knows what will be in a particular set of log file, but powerful things can be done with a set of general-purpose text-manipulation tools (including grep/sed/etc.).

  • one-offs -- as the name implies

See also

Language mix: Python, Perl, Bash, Ruby. There are a few C items at

Language choice is more a function of time than topic: I used C and Perl from the early/mid-1990's onward; many of the math/stats tools I wrote while in grad school 2005-2010 are in Python; most of my scripting since then is in Ruby.

John Kerl 2012-07-19

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