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Ice is a powerful menu bar management tool. While its primary function is hiding and showing menu bar items, it aims to cover a wide variety of additional features to make it one of the most versatile menu bar tools available.


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Ice is currently in active development. Some features have not yet been implemented. Download the latest release here and see the roadmap below for upcoming features.


Simply Command + drag your menu bar items to rearrange them.



Manual Installation

Download the "" file from the latest release and move the unzipped app into your Applications folder.


If you use Homebrew, you can install Ice using the following command:

brew install jordanbaird-ice


Menu bar item management

  • Hide menu bar items
  • "Always Hidden" menu bar section
  • Show hidden items when hovering over the menu bar
  • Show hidden items when an empty area in the menu bar is clicked
  • Show hidden items by scrolling or swiping in the menu bar
  • Automatically rehide
  • Hide application menus when they overlap with shown menu bar items
  • Drag and drop interface to arrange individual items
  • Display hidden items in a separate bar (e.g. for MacBooks with the notch)
  • Custom spacing between items
  • Profiles for menu bar layout
  • Search menu bar items
  • Menu bar item groups
  • Show menu bar items when trigger conditions are met

Menu bar appearance

  • Menu bar tint (solid and gradient)
  • Menu bar shadow
  • Menu bar border
  • Custom menu bar shapes (rounded and/or split)
  • Remove background behind menu bar
  • Rounded screen corners


  • Toggle individual menu bar sections
  • Toggle application menus
  • Show/hide section divider icons
  • Temporarily show individual menu bar items
  • Enable/disable auto rehide


  • Launch at login
  • Automatic updates
  • Menu bar widgets

Why the name?

Because your menu bar becomes like ice, allowing your menu bar items to slide away 🧊🧊🧊

Why not support earlier operating systems?

There are a number of system APIs that Ice uses that are only available starting with macOS 14.


Choose your own icon to show in the menu bar

Custom Icon Example

Customize the menu bar's appearance

Menu Bar Appearance Example 1 Menu Bar Appearance Example 2

Arrange items in settings

Arrange Menu Bar Items

Show hidden items below the menu bar

Ice Bar


Ice is available under the GPL-3.0 license.

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