Button: Strange space between buttons in IE 7. Fixed #5253 Toolbar demo ... #848

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lordt commented Nov 27, 2012

...ugly in IE

Previous pull requests:

  1. I changed the toolbar.html, so now it also works in IE 6, how ever I
    don't paste the display:inline-block in #toolbar, because it produces
    not this same result, as without it.
  2. About zoom:1 in ui-widget-header (jquery.ui.theme.css).
    Zoom is IE-only property, so I tested many demos in IE (versions: 6,7,8,9) and there
    is no problem with zoom:1 on all versions IE >= 6. So I don't see any
    contra to commit it into jquery-ui css files.

lordt commented Nov 27, 2012

@mikesherov @scottgonzalez I made changes. And I agreed CLA (whatever it is). But I want you know to that I'm quite disappointed the time my pull request has been processed. If it had been merged earlier, then hadn't be any problems.

Sorry for my english.


mikesherov commented Nov 28, 2012

@lordt, this is how it goes with open source software, it's in fits and starts and sometimes from an outside perspective, it's hard to see what effort it takes to get the rest of the project working. In the 7 months that this pull was open, the team was busy working their butts off elsewhere around the project.

It's hard from your perspective to see the blood sweat and tears that @scottgonzalez, @jzaefferer, @kborchers, and @gnarf37 put into this project if you focus solely on this pull request. No reason to be disappointed.


mikesherov commented Nov 28, 2012

Thanks, landed in e77edc6

@mikesherov mikesherov closed this Nov 28, 2012

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