Elasticsearch module for Magento 1.7+
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Magento extension for boosting search results using Elasticsearch (0.20.x only)

For the latest version of Elasticsearch (0.90.x based on Lucene 4), there is a paid extension available here

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Magento Elasticsearch


Magento CE 1.7+ only

Install with modgit:

$ cd /path/to/magento
$ modgit init
$ modgit clone elasticsearch https://github.com/jreinke/magento-elasticsearch.git

Install with modman:

$ cd /path/to/magento
$ modman init
$ modman clone https://github.com/jreinke/magento-elasticsearch.git

or download package manually:

  • Download latest version here
  • Unzip in Magento root folder
  • Clean cache


  • Go to System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog Search
  • Select Elasticsearch search engine
  • Configure server connection parameters
  • Specify index name (default is magento)
  • Optionally defines your custom search parameters
  • Optionally boost some product attributes in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes
  • Reindex catalog search index