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JRuby-OpenSSL is an add-on gem for JRuby that emulates the Ruby OpenSSL native library.

Under the hood uses the Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs.

Each jruby-openssl gem release includes a certain version, usually the latest available, of the library (namely BC Provider and PKIX/CMS/EAC/PKCS/OCSP/TSP/OPENSSL jars).

Please report bugs and incompatibilities (preferably with test-cases) to either the JRuby mailing list or the bug tracker.


JRuby-OpenSSL JRuby compat JVM compat supported BC
0.9.6 1.6.8-9.0.2 Java 6-8 1.47-1.50
0.9.12 1.6.8-9.0.5 Java 6-8 1.47-1.52
0.9.13 1.6.8-9.1.2 Java 6-8 1.49-1.52
0.9.14 1.6.8-9.1.5 Java 6-8 1.49-1.54
0.9.17 1.6.8-9.1.5 Java 6-8 1.50-1.54
0.9.18 1.6.8-9.1.7 Java 6-8 1.50-1.55

NOTE: backwards JRuby compatibility was not handled for versions <= 0.9.6


JRuby-OpenSSL is an essential part of JRuby, please report security vulnerabilities to as detailed on JRuby's security page.

Please note that most OpenSSL vulnerabilities do not effect JRuby since its not using any of OpenSSL's C code, only Ruby parts (*.rb) are the same as in MRI's OpenSSL library.


Build Status

rake jar:all # creates pom.xml and generates jopenssl.jar under lib
mvn test

will run (junit as well as ruby) tests and a some ruby tests against the default jruby version. to pick a different version and/or modes (1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1) run

mvn test -Djruby.versions=1.7.12 -Djruby.modes=1.8

for running integration-tests the gem will be first installed and then the same tests run for each possible bouncy-castle version (see listing), run with

mvn verify -P test-,test-1.7.22

or pick a bouncy-castle version

mvn verify -P test-1.6.8 -Dbc.versions=1.50

or simply be more picky

mvn verify -P test-1.7.4 -Dbc.versions=1.49 -Djruby.modes=1.9

NOTE: you can pick any jruby version which is on central or on ci.jruby


(c) 2009-2016 JRuby distributed under EPL 1.0/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1