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Communicate: Mailing Lists, IRC

Note: JRuby's mailing lists will soon move to our project. For now, follow the instructions below. We will announce and auto-migrate everyone to the new lists when the time comes.

The JRuby community uses several mailing lists to discuss issues, ask for help, and follow JRuby development:

  • The Users List hosts general usage discussions, howtos, and help are discussed here.
  • The Developers List is where folks hacking JRuby and working on deeper integration with other systems can communicate.
  • The SCM List allows anyone to track JRuby commits and JIRA bug tracker updates. (JIRA is not used any longer.)
  • The Issues List receives all the new issues created, for lower-traffic tracking of the bug tracker.

To join one or more of the JRuby mailing lists:

  • Navigate to
  • Click the Subscribe link for any of the lists (it doesn't matter which) and provide your email.
  • The Xircles application will send you a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to return to Xircles.
  • At Xircles choose the subscribe links for the lists you want to subscribe to.

Nabble also has a web archive of both the jruby-dev and jruby-user email lists and has an excellent interface for searching the lists.

There is a mirror of the jruby-user list at Google groups.

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