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A webserver in Rust!

This is a simple webserver in rust. It uses the mio crate to handle the networking aspect of the code. It uses select/poll to handle client connections.


This code was written to learn rust. This is not safe or even ready to use in production. This was an educational project. I just hope it can help people who are starting to learn rust and are looking for sample code.

You can have more details about the motification for this project on http://julien.gunnm.org/rust/2017/11/18/learning-rust-in-practice-webserver-in-rust/

Compilation and usage

# git clone https://github.com/juli1/rust-webserver.git
# cd rust-webserver
# cargo build && cargo run -- -p 9065 -l --rootdir `pwd`

Then, open your browser and go to http://localhost:9065/Cargo.toml. You will be able to see the file from the source directory.


Push requests and patches are welcome! But please fork if you want/need.


You check out my homepage: http://julien.gunnm.org.