Python script for rotation through Proxy Servers
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Rotating Proxy Servers in Python

Python class making it easy to Rotate through ProxyMesh Proxy Severs.


An account with ProxyMesh, either free trial or paid. Set the user name and password in

self.user = ""
self.password = "" 


Setting the Proxy Server

from rotatingproxy import RotatingProxy

rproxy = RotatingProxy()

The proxy server can either be set randomly or selected from an available list of proxy servers. The active proxy server is saved in a text file which can be accessed as required.

rproxy.set_proxy(israndom="r")  # select a random proxy server

rproxy.set_proxy(proxy_num=1)   # select proxy server with index=1 from the list of proxy servers.

Accessing the Proxy Server

def get_proxy_from_file():
    # fetches proxy from proxy.txt
    with open("proxy.txt", "r") as f:
        return loads(
proxy = get_proxy_from_file()        

The proxy can now be used with requests:

import requests
response = requests.get("url-to-fetch", proxies=proxy)

Running the tests

Unit tests are included to check if the proxy is random or selected from the list of proxy.