An input driver for mupen64plus that consumes from a python web server
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An input driver for mupen64plus that consumes from a python web server. Intended for use with my TensorKart project that trains an AI using TensorFlow to play the classic N64 title MarioKart 64.


make all

The project uses essentially a copy and paste of the Makefile from the regular input plugin for mupen64plus With the dynamic config lib and SDL dependencies removed.

Note that all builds expect the mupen64plus-core source code to be available in the same directory.


src \
  mupen64plus-core \
  mupen64plus-input-bot \


mupen64plus --input ~/src/mupen64plus-input-bot/ MarioKart64.z64

assuming this repo is located in a directory called src under your home directory


An example server is included in /test/ This file is a minimal example that allows you to hard code the joystick input. This example is intended to be extracted into a program that determines the appropriate input somehow.

Future Work / Ideas

  • I only implemented what I required for buttons. This could be expanded and built into a fully fledged solution
  • Use a more structured protocol between the plugin and server (aka JSON)
  • controller.c could be refactored into smaller functions
  • I'm sure my c code can be optimized and improved
  • This plugin might be useful for implementing network play with mupen64plus


Open a PR! I'm friendly I promise :)