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Generates mkdocs files from C++ source code with minimal configuration. Python + libclang, does not use doxygen. Works in docker
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CXXDOX - Documentation generator for C++ with minimal configuration

  • Generates markdown files for mkdocs or rendered html files
  • Partially compatible with DOXYGEN syntax
  • Built with python and libclang, works in docker (alpine image)
  • Requires some mkdocs plugins:
    • codehilite
    • pymdownx.arithmatex (uses katex for fast math)
  • Built for KFR - C++ DSP library (


Selected features

  • Parses C++ headers, extracts functions, variables and types and generates mkdocs-compatible markdown files
  • Auto link to repository (including commit hash)
  • Builtin math
  • Code snippets
  • Can extract code snippets from .md files, build and run the code and create markdown files from it. (great for code examples with output)
  • Automatic alphabetical index




Apache license

Contains parts of Clang code (see clang folder for license details)

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