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King is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. We can be found at and

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  1. bravo bravo Public

    Utilities for processing Flink checkpoints/savepoints

    Java 73 13

  2. king-http-client king-http-client Public

    An asynchronous http client with support for sse

    Java 28 19

  3. scylla scylla Public

    A query scheduler with tentacles

    Java 12 2

  4. s3vdc s3vdc Public

    Implementation of algorithm S3VDC (Simple, Scalable, and Stable Variational Deep Clustering)

    Python 11 5

  5. flink-state-cache flink-state-cache Public

    Flink state cache

    Java 11 3

  6. tratt-api tratt-api Public

    A QA tool for testing an event tracking system on an end-to-end level.

    Java 6


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