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This is a Python client library for SensorBee REST / WebSocket API. This library also provides utility commands (sbstat and sbpeek) which can be used to monitor SensorBee topology status.


pip install sensorbee-python

To use WebSocket Client API, you also need to install websocket-client:

pip install websocket-client


  • Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5.


Python API

In most cases the only class you need to use is pysensorbee.api.SensorBeeAPI. Here is an example:

from pysensorbee import SensorBeeAPI

api = SensorBeeAPI('', 15601)
api.query('test', 'CREATE SOURCE ns TYPE node_statuses;')
for r in api.query('test', 'SELECT RSTREAM * FROM ns [RANGE 1 TUPLES];'):

See pydoc pysensorbee.api for details.


sbstat provides a brief summary of the topology status.

$ sbstat -H -P 15601 -t test
   Node                          Status    Received   Error   Output                            Sent     Queued   Dropped
-> node_stats                    running                      (total)                           5381                    0
                                                                  sensorbee_tmp_8               5381   0 (0.0%)
:: sensorbee_tmp_8               running       5381       0   (total)                           5381                    0
                                                                  sensorbee_tmp_select_sink_7   5381   0 (0.0%)
<- sensorbee_tmp_select_sink_7   running       5381       0

sbpeek can be used to peek what tuple is currently running through the specified source/stream.

$ sbpeek -H -P 15601 -t test -1 node_stats
{"behaviors": {"remove_on_stop": false, "stop_on_disconnect": false}, "node_type": "source", "output_stats": {"num_sent_total": 5893, "outputs": {"sensorbee_tmp_58": {"queue_size": 1024, "num_sent": 0, "num_queued": 0}, "sensorbee_tmp_8": {"queue_size": 1024, "num_sent": 5893, "num_queued": 0}}, "num_dropped": 0}, "state": "running", "node_name": "node_stats"}

See sbstat --help and sbpeek --help for details.


  • This library is not a part of the official SensorBee project.
  • In addition to APIs documented in the API Specification Version 1, this library supports some undocumented APIs, including WebSocket API.
  • Long queries may not be accepted by SensorBee via WebSocket Client API.
  • This project is a successor of beepy.


MIT License