Notifyer an app built around desktop notifications, using Electron, Vue JS and the MS OneNote API.
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Notifyer Beta

Be inspired


I made Notifyer, to help me remember and practice my mantras. Notifyer on Lockscreen

What does it do?

Using Microsoft’s OneNote as a datastore, Notifyer utilizes OneNote’s API to retrieve a random note from a given section.
Use case?

  • Get a daily quote from your curated collection.
  • Effortlessly resurface a buried quote and re-apply it to the present.

How to use


  • OneNote Account (app accesses consumer notebooks only).
  • MacOS (Only 64bit binaries are provided for MacOS, and the minimum MacOS version supported is MacOS 10.9).
  • Windows 10, 7 (without notifications).

Get Started

  1. Sign-in or create a free OneNote Account.
  2. In your default/primary notebook, create a section with the name Quotes.
  3. Add a couple notes to the Quotes section.
  4. Download Notifyer. Run the app and sign in.
  5. Just want to demo the app? Ping me and I'll send you credentials.


  • The app sends a notification every 5 minutes so you can easily see it work. You might want to change that to daily. (Restart the app if it doesn't stop).
  • Random (via Chance) means you might see the same note in close succession.
  • Cmd+Alt+O triggers a random note even when the app is minimized.
  • Clicking the notification opens the app.
  • The app displays a preview text snippet (max 300 characters) for each note.
  • Clicking the note title in the app opens the source note in the OneNote client or web app.
  • Disabled fields mean you can't change that setting just yet.

Build Setup*

Built with Electron, VueJS and Semantic UI.

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build electron app for production
npm run build

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `app/src`
npm run lint

# run webpack in production
npm run pack

* Client ID and secret required from MS Dev Center for use in onenote.config.js.

Dev Notes

  • Node packages used for the app lives in app/package.json.
  • For the build to work, these need to be added to the ignore list in config.js.

Notifyer icon/logo via Thomas Helbig's Notifications Collection.

This project was generated from electron-vue using vue-cli. Documentation about this project can be found here.