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A kotlinx.html library provides DSL to build HTML to Writer/Appendable or DOM at JVM and browser (or other JavaScript engine) for better Kotlin programming for Web.

Get started

See Getting started page for details how to include the library


You can build DOM tree with JVM and JS naturally

See example for JavaScript-targeted Kotlin

    val myDiv = document.create.div("panel") {
        p { 
            +"Here is "
            a("http://kotlinlang.org") { +"official Kotlin site" } 


    document.getElementById("container")!!.append {
        div {
            +"added it"
}, 1000L)


You can build HTML directly to Writer (JVM only) or Appendable (both JVM and JS)

System.out.appendHTML().html {
    body {
        div {
            a("http://kotlinlang.org") {
                target = ATarget.blank
                +"Main site"


See wiki pages


See development page for details