A helper script for webOS development. It packages, runs, and then watches the log files for an application
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palm-run - helper script for webOS development

palm-run [-d DEVICE] [-L] [-s serviceName] [-o DIRECTORY] [-p excludes.file] [directory | ipk]

This command packages, installs, and then looks at the logs for a webOS application that you are developing.

  • -d DEVICE: Defaults to installing to the first device
  • -I : By default palm-launch uses -i for inspector
  • -L : By default the palm-log command is run. This suppresses that
  • -s serviceName : Runs the defined service.
  • -o OUTPUT: By default the ipk is generated to /tmp
  • -p exfile: By default looks for 'excludes.txt' file

Usage examples:

  • palm-run ~/myproject # deploy from /tmp to emulator
  • palm-run -d usb -L -o /packages ~/myproject
  • palm-run /path/to/com.palm.app.videogallery_1.0.1_all.ipk # has to be in the format of path/ID_VERSION.ipk
  • palm-run -d tcp -p myexcludes.txt # use the emulator and package with exclude_from myexcludes.txt
  • palm-run # use the current directory and all the defaults