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clientgofix rewrites calls to old methods to use newer invocations


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clientgofix is a tool for adjusting invocations for v0.18.0+ versions. It can be run on a codebase before or after updating the dependency.

See for more context.

⚠️ This tool is under active development and rewrites source files in place by default. It is strongly recommended to run this on a version-controlled source tree with all unrelated work committed.

Automatic adjustments:

  • Inserts a context.TODO() argument where required
  • Inserts an empty options struct argument where required (like metav1.UpdateOptions{})
  • Dereferences existing *metav1.DeleteOptions arguments
  • Replaces existing nil *metav1.DeleteOptions arguments with metav1.DeleteOptions{}
  • Adds context and metav1 imports where required (deconflicting with existing import and declaration names)

Manual adjustments required:

  • Context parameters passed to rest.Request#Context must be manually moved to the request Do() invocation.

To install:

git clone
cd clientgofix
make install

To use:

cd /path/to/project
clientgofix ./pkg/to/fix


  • Multiple packages or a recursive package spec can be provided:

    • clientgofix ./pkg1 ./pkg2
    • clientgofix ./...
  • Files are rewritten in place by default. Set -overwrite=false to write to peer tmp files.

  • If errors are encountered processing a file, writing is skipped by default. Set -write-on-error=true to write the file even when errors are encountered.


clientgofix rewrites calls to old methods to use newer invocations




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