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Kubernetes Examples

This directory contains a number of examples of how to run real applications with Kubernetes.

Refer to the Kubernetes documentation for how to execute the tutorials.

Maintained Examples

Maintained Examples are expected to be updated with every Kubernetes release, to use the latest and greatest features, current guidelines and best practices, and to refresh command syntax, output, changed prerequisites, as needed.

Name Description Notable Features Used Complexity Level
Guestbook PHP app with Redis Deployment, Service Beginner
Guestbook-Go Go app with Redis Deployment, Service Beginner
WordPress WordPress with MySQL Deployment, Persistent Volume with Claim Beginner
Cassandra Cloud Native Cassandra Daemon Set, Stateful Set, Replication Controller Intermediate

Note: Please add examples that are maintained to the list above.

See Example Guidelines for a description of what goes in this directory, and what examples should contain.


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.


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