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feedparser - Parse Atom and RSS feeds in Python.

Copyright 2010-2015 Kurt McKee <>
Copyright 2002-2008 Mark Pilgrim

feedparser is open source. See the LICENSE file for more information.


Feedparser can be installed using distutils or setuptools by running:

$ python install

Note: sgmllib3k is a Python 3 dependency. It will be installed automatically.


The feedparser documentation is available on the web at:

It is also included in its source format, ReST, in the docs/ directory. To build the documentation you'll need the Sphinx package, which is available at:

You can then build HTML pages using a command similar to:

$ sphinx-build -b html docs/ fpdocs

This will produce HTML documentation in the fpdocs/ directory.


Feedparser has an extensive test suite, powered by tox. To run it, type this:

$ tox

This will spawn an HTTP server that will listen on port 8097. The tests will fail if that port is in use.