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Visual Studio build complete notification plugin
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Visual Studio Build & Notify

Tired of long build process that you can do nothing about? With this Visual Studio plugin you can slack off a little and get notification when the build is done!


Project came to live to check how to develop plugins for Visual Studio. Now I know that i don't like it, but this thing is nice and handy sometimes.

How to use it?

Start the solution build via Tools -> Build Solution and Notify (or just hit CTRL + F6). The notification with the build status will be send after build completion. (Builds started in a different way do not trigger notifications by design.)

Notification channel configuration can be done via Tools -> Options -> Build Notify.


Developed and tested in Visual Studio 2017.

Supported notification channels

  • MessageBox (mainly for testing purposes),
  • Pushbullet pushes

(And I don't know what else could be useful. Mail? SMS? Azure Notification Hub pushes?)

"Compiling" comic comes from XKCD series by Randall Munroe.

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