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Framecoder is an open source application for Windows enabling fast manual coding of video frames, for example for labeling Regions Of Interest (ROIs) during mobile eye tracking experiments.

Installing framecoder

The best way to get framecoder is to download the latest release from GitHub.

Alternatively, the most recently built experimental version of framecoder can be found on AppVeyor. Download it, unzip to a nice location, and run framecoder.exe.

Using framecoder

Input format

Framecoder expects a folder of frames per video with the .jpg file extension. Via File > Open subject folder all images that are to be coded for a specific video can be loaded into the session. Alternatively, videos can be split into frames directly by using File > Convert video to frames.

The folder name is used as the values in the Subject column for the exported csv.

Coding frames

The radio buttons and checkboxes can be used to code the frames. For quick usage, each data entry control is associated with a shortcut key (1-5). For example, pressing the 1 key on the keyboard will toggle the first checkbox. The next and previous frames can be selected using the right and left arrow keys.

Output format

Under File > Export to csv a semicolon-separated data file with all the codings can be exported to the disk. The data file will look somewhat like so:

Additionally, an entire session can be saved and loaded to the custom Framecoder Session (.fcs) file format using File > Save session and File > Load session, so you can save your work and continue where you left off.

Advanced: Custom coding

By editing the text file assets/config.yaml in the framecoder folder before startup, custom data entry controls can be added to the data entry fields. Only checkboxes, radiobuttons, and text fields are supported. The shortcuts can also be edited here. Custom coding will be saved in the .fcs framecoder session file upon saving.

Building framecoder from source

Framecoder is written in C# using .NET. Dependencies are managed via NuGet.

  • Install Visual Studio 2017 (later versions probably work too!)
  • Clone / download this repository
  • Open /framecoder/framecoder.csproj
  • Build the project using Visual Studio
  • The .exe will be generated in the /framecoder/bin/ folder.

Privacy policy

We gather no data whatsoever from you 👍


Quickly code frames of videos








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